Cloud 9 Thrift Shop is a place where dreams come true … were people can stroll through, or sit amongst, the curious curios, artist crafted jewelry, bohemian clothing, used and loved clothing and books, tapestries, stogie stash boxes, kitchy stuff and more interesting items than we can list.

Cloud 9 is located in what Dee likes to call “The Way Back Machine” section of the Kiss The Sky record shop in downtown Batavia, Illinois. Live music performances take place once or twice a month upon the “Are You Experienced?” stage that is also located at the south end of the store in The Way Back Machine area. Cloud 9 takes on the atmosphere of a large but cozy living room for the Live From Kiss The Sky performances.

Cloud 9 is located at 180 West First Street, Batavia, Illinois and is open from 10am until 8pm Monday thru Saturday, and from 11am until 6pm on Sundays. You can reach us by phone at 630-406-0086 and on Facebook as well.